“I would just like to say I have tried many pain relievers. Nsaids, capsicum and other rubs but the first time I tried Outback I knew it was different. It didn’t heat up and the smell was actually pleasant but the best part was I saw how it rubbed in so easily and disappeared into my skin…”

Melissa Miller

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David Ireland, Wildlife Man

David Ireland is Australia’s Original Wildlife Man. David takes on bull sharks in the ocean, wild boars in the jungle and any other form of danger you can imagine. The searing desert sun, hot dry wind or insect infected swamps couldn’t stop this amazing adventurer once he teamed up with Outback 2-in-1 Series in his knapsack. Listen to this amazing video and David will tell you exactly what he thinks about the Outback 2-in-1 Series.

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The History of Bush Medicine

Bush medicine is the term used in Australia to describe Aboriginal people’s traditional medicinal knowledge and practices. The medicinal ingredients were often ingested as a liquid infusion, swallowed as powder or paste, inhaled through steaming, smoking or heating, or applied as a surface treatment.

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